Welcome to my web page, home of my hand-built pottery creations. All of my pieces are original and handmade; each piece is unique. I create Raku and horsehair decorative pottery, along with low and high fire stoneware functional pieces. While you are here, you can see and read about my style of pottery making. You will also be able to find out where you can purchase these unique pieces.
Horsehair PotteryRaku horsehair pots are fired quickly to 1200F degrees and are then taken out of a Raku kiln and placed on a noncombustible surface. Hair from a horse’s tail or mane is then laid upon the hot pottery…view photo gallery
home-saggarSaggar firing is a firing technique where a piece of pottery is placed into a container (saggar) surrounded by combustible materials. The containers are then placed in a kiln and slowly fired to about 1000 degrees Fahrenheit…view photo gallery
home-rakuThese vessels are handbuilt from slabs of clay and then fired in an old technique that resembles components of a style developed by Japan’s Raku family of potters in Kyoto…view photo gallery
sculpture-6461459051_e681b36bd0_oWhile traveling to various countries including: South Africa, Alaska, Israel, Japan, I have become interested in ceremonial artifacts (altars, totems, masks and other items that would be used during rituals)…view photo gallery